The Story

Why are we doing this?

StreamCrux was created by a group of frustrated Twitch users with the vision of helping viewers across the world find specific streamers that they truly love. Whether you like to watch a top Fortnite streamer killing it, a vanilla Starcraft tournament, or a cosplaying WoW streamer with a cat streaming to an audience of 10, our vision is to help you find them!

All adventures have their beginning though, and to start with, we are building a platform that is easy to use and still leads to better results than Twitch’s recommendation functions - but is limited to English streams and with more details on some streamers than on others. That means we can’t show every game and every type of streamer just yet. We hope you like it and can feel all the love we put into it!

We are creating all of this for you guys (and a little bit for ourselves…), so please don’t hesitate to jump on our Discord to give us input, find us on Twitter or shoot us a (hopefully not too) salty mail on [email protected]

For Streamers:

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